A bohemian inspired shop, full of things I like to make.

I'll start with a random fact; I often get mistaken for Veronica - who is this Veronica?!

It all started quite a few years ago; I made a belt called Bella, she went down a storm so I made another called Frankie and they loved her too. Things were great for a while after but I felt I needed a change, so I decided to make some bags. There was Lilly and Mrs Cooper but the ultimate crowd pleaser was Little Lady, wow she won them over. It's been fun and after all this time I still love to make, create and share my designs.

Quite a lot has changed since then, me the products and what Me by Amma Gyan means to me and what I want it to mean to you:

Me by Amma Gyan is about wanting to fulfil an ambition. It’s about struggling to make a living when you have a new baby. It’s about pride in yourself and not giving up. It’s about having faith in yourself and whatever else you chose to believe in, it’s about giving yourself a break and not giving yourself a hard time for not being perfect but mostly, it's about celebrating yourself, what you love and what you can share with others.

Taken from my blog post 12 years a slave... to myself

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