A bohemian inspired shop, full of things I like to make.

It all started quite some time ago; I used to make belts, big wide leather belts, Bella and Frankie. After the success of these I moved into bags and purses. They were little beautiful leather purses called Lilly and Mrs Cooper and the ultmate day bag called Little Lady. It's been fun and after all this time I still love to make, create and share my designs.

As a designer maker I'm always looking for new ways to express my love of creation combined with everyday items, so I started to create beautiful homewares including unique pouffes made from ethically sourced fabrics and Macrame Wall hangings.

Every pouffe, wall hanging, piece of jewellery, bag and purse has been made with love - only things I love make it to the shop. Every item carries the gift of loving and sharing, whether for yourself or someone close to you.

I hope you feel that each product is a little reminder that if we believe in our dreams and have faith, we can fulfil our ambitions, however challenging life can be - put your feet up, feel good and share the gift of time, thought and patience with a handmade product from Me by Amma Gyan.

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Thanks for reading and keep in touch,

Amma x