An artistically inspired shop.

Who is Amma Gyan?

It started a long time ago, when I was a child spending hours drawing still life, but as I grew and the lure of the textures from the world of fabrics that my mum brought home, captivated me and still life turned into dreams of becoming a fashion design.

Powerful, feminime waist sinching belts were my thing, Bella and Frankie to name two.
Due to their success, I expanded into jewellery, bags and purses. Beautiful leather purses titled Lilly and Mrs Cooper and the ultmate day bag named Little Lady. It's been fun and after all this time I still love to make.

As an artist I'm always looking for new ways to express my love of creativity. Our homes are an expression of the things that help to make us feel at peace and fill us with joy so my soft furnishings have been created to bring you comfort and the knowledge that each one is made with ethically sourced materials. Through my love of texture and colour I create multilayered, intricate, tactile art, combining natural fabires, such and wool and silk, often embellished with found items or handmade beads and stones sourced from Ghana my place of birth.  Each pieces moves and is woven to tell a story.

Finally coming full circle, I've returned to my love of putting pencil to paper in the form of paintings. I'm passionate about the power that humanity holds in our hands if we come together and unite.
'These Hands' is the title of my ongoing collection of drawings and paintings in charcoal, gouache and oil that are to be a symbol of unity. Our hands are expressive, from the first makes made to the love that is felt from a gentle stroke.
I beileve that humanity at our core is beautiful, so lets come together and let our hands be a symbol and a reminder of the power we hold when we come together.

Every creation carries the gift of love that I hope you feel when you make the decison to purchase an item by Amma Gyan and let each piece be a reminder that through ideas, action and faith we can create the change we want to see.


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Thanks for reading and keep in touch,

Amma x